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Later, Spanish models of IBM electric typewriters also included the same type in its repertoire.

When the first IBM PC was designed circa 1980, it included a "peseta symbol" "Pts" in the ROM of the Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA) and Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) video output cards' hardware, with the code number 158.

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This original character set chart later became the MS-DOS code page 437.

Some spreadsheet software for PC under MS-DOS, as Lotus 1-2-3, employed this character as the peseta symbol in their Spanish editions.

The Spanish Law of June 26, 1864 decreed that in preparation for joining the Latin Monetary Union (set up in 1865), the peseta became a subdivision of the peso with 1 peso duro = 5 pesetas.

The peseta replaced the escudo at a rate of 5 pesetas = 1 peso duro = 2 escudos. The peseta was replaced by the euro in 2002, following the establishment of the euro in 1999. At least 1252–1284 there was a 1 obolo brass coin – plated with silver – stamped.

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  2. The contours of the doctrine, therefore, are best traced by referring to examples of what both the Supreme Court and this court have deemed to be an absurd result.¶ 14 In one of its earliest applications of the absurd result doctrine, the Supreme Court was called upon to interpret a federal statute that made it a crime to “knowingly and willfully obstruct or retard the passage of the mail.” United States v. § 76-5-402.2 (referencing “the victim” of object rape).¶ 19 The State, however, applies Utah Code section 76-5-404.1 in an unprecedented manner. In cases where there is an identifiable distinction between the perpetrator and the victim, it is manifestly logical to conclude that the legislature intended to include such acts within the scope of Utah Code section 76-5-404.1. C.'s case, however, where both children were under the age of fourteen and were of similar age, where both children met the intent requirement of the statute, and where there was no evidence of any coercion or force, we conclude that application of the child sex abuse statute produces an absurd result. Under the literal language of the statute, therefore, both Z. and the twelve-year-old boy could have been adjudicated delinquent for rape of a child, a first degree felony if committed by an adult, which carries a minimum six-year sentence without parole and may be punished by life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Because we hold that Utah Code section 76-5-404.1 produces an absurd result in this case, we do not address other exceptions to the plain meaning rule.4. C.'s even if the State elected to charge only one of the minors involved.

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