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If you’re aiming for punishment, you can spin those comments in a negative way, but you can praise him for rocking the look, too.

Plus, hopping for those sexy little things can be a lot of fun, and it’s different than shopping for your own body.4.

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Every man appreciates a strong woman who takes charge.

After he’s comfortable wearing that, you can carefully measure for a stone, glass or metal cock ring.

Then, you can move on to the “Gates of Hell,” a metal device with multiple rings. For the ultimate in cock and ball bondage, consider a cage, which wraps his genitals in plastic or another material and prevents him from fully growing hard.

If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

A lot of guides are going to give you advice about how to submit to your man.

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Impact Play — Whether you prefer good, old-fashioned spanking with your hand, grabbing a cane or long-tailed flogger for serious sensation or a furry paddle that provides more bark than bite, impact play is definitely something you’ll need to try at least once.

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