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Glaciers function as a water bank that is crucial for both Norwegian environment and society."If we lose the glaciers, we lose the bank,” explains Nesje.Researchers at The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research at the University of Bergen have estimated the consequences of this for Norwegian glaciers.

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If waterfalls depend on rainfall, it’s obvious that tourism will be hurt. Additionally, an even flow of river water is absolutely necessary to maintain a stabile environment in our fjords.

"Most of today’s glaciers have existed for 4,000 to 6,000 years.

The total glacial volume will shrink by about a third, exactly the equivalent of Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa.

The glacial area will also shrink by a third – 2.4 times the area of Mjøsa.As long as the water source is melted glacier, the sediment is largely made up of sand and gravel.Once the glaciers are gone, the sediment is made up exclusively of plants.The ecosystem in rivers and fjords have developed over a long period and are sensitive.We will experience that many species will die out, while new ones will develop," says Nesje. Nesje underscores that climate changes resulting in dramatic consequences such as this are no doubt man-made."Perhaps this doesn’t sound like so much if you compare it with the difference in temperature of a cold winter day and a warm summer day.


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