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You can open it like a HD on a PC and go through the folders, but videos are shoved in an odd folder burred under several others, unlike photos which are in the DICM folder where they should be like on every other camera.Why does the camera not put photos in a top level folder called VIDEO.Note: Added Post below to reflect Firmware 2.0; Where instead of adding a simple USB driver so the camera could be seen as a video camera by a PC [and thus used by any camera/video software] they instead wasted countless man hours to make it a UStream exclusive with an overly complex setup that doesn't even work correcty. 1) This optical chip can support 4k and ~2.7k video with a firmware update. You can't even transfer files over Wi-Fi via a PC only on the awful mobile app. PC Drivers could solve both of these problems.4) Interval Photos are taken at a terrible TWO MEGAPIXEL instead of 13.5 mp which the regular photos are taken. Its taking photos SLOWER with Interval, not quicker.5) Go Pro's Hero line allows you to adjust settings like Spot Meter, White Balance, ISO, etc. This could easily be added with a firmware update if you bothered to support your product which now 6 months after release is still firmware 1.0; no surprise as my DSLR is six years old and still firmware 1.0 too with all the bugs it had at release unfixed.

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You would think this would be a critical thing to display.

If you want to find out how long you have left on the SD card you have to take off the camera which makes the live view remote that much more useless.

20) Play Memories on the PC doesn't have a way to delete videos.

Basically, the only real way to delete videos off this camera is to format the card.

18) Play Memories Mobile CAN'T delete videos off this device, so if you want to delete videos you have to format the memory card deleting them all or delete them manually using a PC.

19) Play Memories Mobile CAN'T read (thus it can't copy over) files don't even show up in the list of videos on the camera when using the mobile software.Update - See my post on page 2; as predicted Sony has abandoned the live view wrist remote per their warrantee department.Do not buy it as its no longer being made and if history shows us anything with Sony, no longer supported. It can get altitude but it doesn't log it for playback.3) The ability to stream over USB [Recording or to use as a Web Cam].With GPS On the camera drains battery so quickly you would think that option would be easy to get to instead you have to go through three different menus to get to these settings.Video Mode does NOT need to be in the main menu as that's not something people change often; why isn't that in the second menu and GPS in the first? Go Pro was not dumb about it and has a smart setup 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and 360 seconds. 15) Go Pro supports Firmware so much you can update your camera right from the mobile app. I don't mean just one update, Go Pro updates regularly and cameras that are older too, not just new ones.Go Pro has this option and up to 10 photos in 1 second. Go Pro has this option.10) Simultaneous Video and Photo? Could be added via firmware but it wont because Sony hates supporting its products. 11) Looping Video, another standard feature on Go Pro's Hero Line, is useful when using the camera as a dashboard recorder.

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