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MOAR of the Same All the while The Messiah gets booted while Hillary gets a core dump. Are the US elections as rigged as this Global Stage Insult?The Nobel Peace Prize and Global Bowing World Tour seem to have failed mightily I OFFICIALLY DECLARE POST-PEAK EMPIRE My last pay check was 00 working 12 hours a week online.Incidentally, for those wondering why the meeting took place in Hangzho, a city which Chinese authorities literally had to empty out, instead of Beijing, the answer comes from the Twitter account of Beijing Air: Which is ironic, because as the WSJ also reported earlier, "President Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping stood with U. In any case, thanks to Bloomberg, according to the leaked draft G-20 communique, global leaders "should make full use of a range of policy options, including fiscal as well as monetary measures, to revive economic growth that still falls short of desired levels." In other words, even more global debt, even more liquidity injections by central banks, even higher asset prices, even more social discontent, nationalistic passions and populism. How much longer will China be willing to send its industrial exports to the US in exdhange for its worthless Treasury notes and bonds?

sadly, and tragically, the "average" American is just that --- AVERAGE. The ultimate money is satisfaction and it has not much to do with money.

Most of us would agree that their most satisfying and happy times of life was when they didn't have the most The US could not lead in 100 years.

This was predicted and forewarned by the Founding Fathers from the beginning.

They openly said that if the USA ever allowed the private banking families of Europe to get control of the money (as the Fed did in 1913), then it would be the end, as the population would become slaves to them in the long run.

The same thing is happening in the US today, only it's the people of the rest of the world against American elites. The madness is so much that people can sacrifice more to save something which is not even worth it.

Sadly, the average American is just collateral damage. and soon we can add "gutless" and "gay" to that sorry list, if the current trends in place actually matter. It is like spending 100k on security a year for a house which costs less than 100k.

Overall this is very telling in how the US is being perceived world wide and now being openly challenged.

China basically stated through it's actions that it has no interest in working with the US.

However the US has decided to go out with a big bang, either rule the whole world, or die.

I have never understood how a man could value money more than his own life, but some do.

The French revolution was a fight between the French people and the elites.

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