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With the September G-20 meeting set to begin any moment in Hangzhou, China, a periodic, toothless event which is noting more than an opportunity for world leaders to take photos such as this one (they picked the happiest photo of the batch)... the draft communique has already been leaked, in other words the determination of the summit has been made before it even took place.

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These Bankers are the ones who want to rule the World.

The US and other countries are just tools to that goal.

So I'll just add to the list of the absolute insanity of it all to say yet again...

All of this stupid bullshit does...right on down to regulators & bureaucrats deciding all adults must get callouses on our fingers in order to "child proof" those long stem grill lighters...because...a few brain dead "adults" can't keep lighters away from their kids.

Then, around the time Obama was exiting through the emergency staircase, a Chinese official attempted to block national security adviser Susan Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes after they lifted a blue rope holding back press and walked to the other side of it, closer to Obama.

A member of the Chinese delegation began shouting at White House staff, demanding the pool leave the arrival scene.Overall this is very telling in how the US is being perceived world wide and now being openly challenged.China basically stated through it's actions that it has no interest in working with the US.However the US has decided to go out with a big bang, either rule the whole world, or die.I have never understood how a man could value money more than his own life, but some do.This is our airport." The scandals continued later, with members of the Chinese and US delegations coming close to throwing punches at each other: as we previously reported, two Chinese officials - one working to assist the American delegation - had to be physically separated after trying to hit each other outside an event. Obama from including his traveling press contingent in his motorcade. and China’s formal adoption of the international climate change agreement reached in Paris in December 2015.

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