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She always felt like she was being kept in the closet.She turned out to be right on point when she learned he was marrying a tall, brown and buxom Munyankore girl.“One night I spent 200,000 shillings on her and her friends and she gratefully told me that now she knows how much ‘I love her’. I’m going to leave her in the house to take care of the children and enjoy my other women. “I came home in the evening, and it was raining”, she recalled, still visibly shocked by what she found.

Nice and healthy, with hips big enough to ensure that the eventuality of bearing children is attainable.

Prossy, a very skinny and plain looking girl from Northern Uganda, had been dating a lawyer for three years, but had always wondered why she never met his family or his friends.

She lived for a year and a half on the charity of friends and her child frequently fell ill because she could not afford to give it the nutrition it needed.

“After all that suffering, I eventually got a very well paying job”, she bitterly remembered.

To the man, apart from a few vague complaints about the extra financial expense, nothing!

The girl however, faces an entirely different scenario.

This is in reference to taxi drivers, conductors, market vendors and a few fools in the corporate structure.

Lillian was in a taxi one day, seated next to the driver when he suddenly and deliberately put his hand all the way up her skirt, attempting to stroke her private parts.

This is just an example of how Ugandan men do not regard women as independent-thinking human beings but as property to be used and disposed of at will. A man will not marry a woman for her fine intellect. That may be what he thinks but he and the woman in question are actually deluded.


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