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A real danger is that too many specialised processors will arrive the coming years; how to get maximum speed at all processors?

We already have 32 and 64 bit; 128 bit is really not the only direction there is.

We will discuss the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle on the way our bodies function.

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See Neal Gafter’s discussion about concurrent loops from 2006 for a nice discussion.

With for instance LLVM and Intel’s fast compilers, a lot can be done to get code optimised for all current processors.

So if I have a normal loop, I’m not sure it will work great on processors launched this year.

C has pragmas for message-protocols, Java needs extensions.

We will practise our sewing skills by creating snowflakes using embroidery thread and beads, we will paint in the style of Claude Monet, practicing perspective, and we will create 3D wintry landscapes using Modroc and modelling card.

Computing In computing we will be using ‘Scratch’ to programme an interactive map of Narnia which will light up to show stages of the characters’ journeys.

If in the holidays you visit any art galleries, please encourage the children to look closely at any paintings they can find of people.

We will also be looking at the work of David Attenborough and filming our own nature documentaries in the style of this famous naturalist. Lewis, Music In music, we will be creating wintry soundscapes and singing wintry songs in preparation for creating ‘Frozen’ style musicals in groups.

Java started in 1996 with the idea that end-point optimisation should be done by compiling intermediate code to the target-platform.


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