3ds updating please wait

And, I spend a LOT of time waiting for the software instead of using it.I've currently got one model that has 2400 features (injection molded, many recesses, many bosses and ribs, etc...still have not added all the fillets yet...).

Many times, when I open up a feature to edit, SW will also take an unreasonable amount of time to bring up the feature dialog box.

It doesn't matter if it's an extrude, or a sketch, or a something more complex. And it's usually worst on features that are being edited due to losing references or relations, or because of an error.

This new file is more managable, but still is prone to exhibiting the same slow down issues I always see...regardless of whether I have anything else open..just loads much faster now..is more stable.

Actually, right now, I'm trying to create a surface extrude, and it's been hung up for ten minutes now...

Please beware that this update is not intended for usage with the 3DS compatible DSi Action Replay.

A newly released Vita update is presenting some users from accessing the Play Station Store on Sony’s spunky little handheld. This morning, my battery appeared to be draining faster than it ever has. We’ve reached out to Sony but they haven’t commented yet. I would say I hope that Sony releases a new update to fix this issue some time soon, but bwahahahahahahahahaha, Sony caring about the Vita. I already did and have had some problem connecting.

This is the first time that any 3DS model — aside from the Nintendo 2DS, which got a price cut to .99 in mid-May — has been available for less than 0.

Nintendo will be marking the occasion by releasing the handheld with a new design featuring Mushroom Kingdom artwork, with characters such as Mario and Toad and items like a Fire Flower.

It’s also unclear if the .99 price applies only to the new special-edition hardware, or if all non-XL New 3DS systems will be available under the deal.


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