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Unfortunately, embracing and adapting to change is not a normal part of human nature.

We go to great lengths to control and limit changes.

Being agile refers to organizations with inherent values, behaviors, and guiding principles that exhibit the essence and spirit of agility: adaptive, evolutionary, value-driven, and quality-driven development.

Organizations that agile, but the inverse is not necessarily true.

Iron Triangle Planning: Agile BI projects deserve sufficient planning, but agile plans are projections, not promises.

Experienced managers sometimes have difficulty breaking the habit of expecting a fixed price, fixed scope, and fixed schedule project plan.

Although there are a few converts, the BI and data warehousing community hasn’t been fast to adopt.

I’m suddenly hearing a lot more buzz in BI/DW circles about agile this year, including the agile theme of the upcoming TDWI World Conference in San Diego.I’m excited about this because I’ve personally experienced the joy of iteratively building BI systems in small increments with tons of collaboration with business experts and end users, and I want you to experience the same joy.Since 2004 I’ve had one foot firmly planted in the agile software development community and the other in the data community.An agile plan reflects the teams’ best projections based only on the information that is currently available.As requirements change and uncertainty is uncovered, those projections are likely to become obsolete. Management Styles Don’t Change: The best agile BI teams are self-organizing, self-managing, and self-responsible.Yet, when developers are pressured to be more productive, they take shortcuts such as reduced testing and hurried workmanship.

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