50 and older online dating sites

While they may hit a snag or two, such as not owning a digital camera, having trouble uploading their photo into their profile, or just feeling weird about “selling” themselves in 200 words or less, luckily there are plenty of places to go for help.Many large online sites like offer technical support via email or an FAQ section.Statistically, one in every three people will write you back, so by putting three to five emails out there, you’ll keep your odds up.

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But I ask anyone who agrees with his views to consider this question: If you want to buy a new car, you’d naturally go out and find one—you wouldn’t wait until the right car happened to drive right past you. Whether you’ve always been curious about online dating or have done it before but gotten overwhelmed, here are some tips and techniques to help you master this new dating domain.

Incidentally, even my 60-year-old mom, Karen, was skeptical of online dating…until I found my husband that way.

“I didn’t want to seem rude by not responding, and it was kinda neat at first.

Then it just got exhausting.” To avoid getting totally bogged down, pick just three or so people you’re interested in knowing better and communicate with them.

At this point, many single folk over fifty might assume they’re in deliciously deep.

While I’m not saying that happen, many singles—including 68-year-old Charlene from Las Vegas—learned that in the world of online dating, it’s often too soon to tell.

Or, if you have computer-savvy kids or friends, don’t be afraid to take advantage of their expertise.

I, for one, helped my mother scan her photos so she could post them online; and Jeff, a 57-year-old from Milwaukee, leaned on his son with great results.

“I had no idea how to use a digital camera so I asked my son to take some pictures of me for my profile,” he says. Your kids always give you honest opinions (even when you don’t want to hear them! I have a better profile because of it.” The beauty of online dating is that it lets you search for any type of person you wish—it’s the perfect opportunity to find that person who’s a vegetarian or enjoys traveling as much as you do.

But don’t get caught up in your ideal, since you may be shutting out a slew of great potential mates.

To avoid confusing one with the other (an embarrassing but common faux pas), create a file on each, including a printout of their profile, emails, and any other notes you want to jot down.


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