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She caught the mild head colds her two daughters brought home from school, but for Kelly they were intense and prolonged.

"Anything anyone ever brought home I would always get it harder and longer.

To page through them is to see a young woman, driven to become a television journalist.

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Kelly Deushane's dining room table is piled high with books, most touting beneficial, healing diets.

There are manila folders filled with medical files.

But a closer look at one page featuring a smiling Kelly shows an IV coming out of her arm.

It's one of the few signs to an outsider that hint at a life filled with a struggle, a constant battle to be well."I just didn't want to be the whiner, the person who didn't want to do anything ever, the person who needs so much sleep, the person who has the odd diet.

"I think that this virus and its potential complications has flown under the radar for a long time which is unfortunate because 90 to 95 percent of the world's population have been infected by this virus by the time they're adults, so clearly there's a large portion of us who have chronic symptoms that could well be due to EBV and I think it's time to pay more attention to the virus."Kelly Deushane never quit fighting, even when her body tried to make it so that she could no longer fight.

"This is all just part of a puzzle that needed to be put together and unfortunately the way most doctors and medical professionals work is that it's never a whole picture -- one doctor for every part and unless you're your own detective you're never going to figure out why this seemingly odd and unconnected stuff happens in one person."The truth was within Kelly all these years, a truth Doctor Balfour is trying to unlock so that chronically ill people can regain their health.Over three decades, Kelly has seen countless doctors for each seemingly disconnected illness.It was just this year that she read about mono, how for some people it can come back, wrecking their health.She asked her functional medicine doctor to do the blood test for mono.She was stunned by the results."The typical levels of a dormant Epstein Barr Virus is 0 to 20, and here I was over 600. Balfour is one of the foremost world experts on mono and is leading a team that has developed a mono vaccine that could be used in human trials as early as next year.You start feeling like a hypochondriac because you have all these weird things happening that you can't really point to and no one can see."No place was safe.

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