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Karen visits a gynecologist for a DNA sample Karen and her friend, Gretchen were discussing the things about science that fascinates them when Karen stated, “I’d like to have one of those colored physical structures of my DNA to see what it looks like.” “I think that’s fairly easy to obtain,” Gretchen replied, “my gynecologist, Dr. I’m pretty sure you can just walk in without an appointment...

When I opened my own business I thought I had it made. It has compensations I would never find working a regular job...

I had no idea that running an adult book store would be so demanding of my time. Carly embraces her new found love affair with Sara only to find that she must ultimatly face the ever expanding consequences. Jade) and Peters relationship reaches a new level as the girls discover yet another neglected woman in need of sensual comfort...

If I could get my wife to do this, I know I could get her to start fucking other men.

I wanted my wife to be slut for men to use, so I began my plot! Cynthia wanted to see what adults did when they made love so she watched.

Aged sixteen, I was five feet two inches tall and looked like a thirteen year old boy.

I took after my mother’s side of the family and was very small of stature. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,232 | Tags: anal bdsm first time oral sex reluntance seduction a brides wedding night is not quite ordinary. Flowers and purple coloured candles scattered the hall, making it a very romantic affair.

We had talked about his feelings on sexuality many times and I knew how uncomfortable hiding it made him. Read On Added: | Category: Love Stories | Avg Score: 0 | Words: 3,771 | Tags: friends first time panties hidden feelings Ray is infatuated with his new neighbor, but will she respond?


  1. Let's Talk Sex is an in-depth interview series with Saniel Bonder.

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