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Initially, the images were authenticated by some of the leading photography experts of the time although Kodak was less convinced, arguing that there were many ways to fake images like these.

Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories and a believer in spiritualism, saw the photos, was convinced that they were genuine and wrote about them in The Strand in 1920.

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w), which contained a tongue-in-cheek discussion of jumpology and 178 photographs of celebrity jumpers.

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This attitude was caught on camera, above in Binghamton, NY.; A heckler was shouting insults and Rockefeller leaned over the podium and gave him the finger. Rockefeller had been diagnosed with cancer and had to have mastectomies.

The picture appeared in newspaper across the nation, the public opinion was divided: some criticizing it as a crude gesture, but others admitting that it was nice to see politician who wasn’t afraid to show just what he really meant. It was major headline news and focused the nations attention on the dangers of breast cancer.

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Three years later the girls, then in their late seventies, admitted that they had staged four of the five images using paper cut-outs and hatpins.

Frances continued to claim that the fifth image (below) was genuine; however, they insisted that they really had seen fairies.

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In 1917, Elsie Wright, 16, and her cousin Frances Griffith, 10, borrowed a camera belonging to Elsie’s father and took two pictures of what the girls claimed were fairies in Cottingley Beck, England. Wright saw fairies in the pictures, he considered them fake and banned Elsie from using the camera again.


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