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For these payments your household income is assessed in the means test.Your total household means are then deducted from the maximum payment (this is the personal rate including any increases for adult and child dependants) to find the actual amount of JA, DA, PRETA or FA you are entitled to.For most social welfare payments your adult dependant cannot have gross weekly earnings or income (before tax and PRSI deductions) of more than €310.

If you qualify for a social welfare payment you get an amount for yourself, which is called the 'personal rate of payment'.

You may also get an extra amount for your adult dependant (called a qualified adult) which is paid as an increase to your personal payment (called an Increase for a Qualified Adult or IQA).

If you are separated or not living with your civil partner, you must not be living with or be wholly maintained by your spouse or civil partner.

If you are getting a social assistance (means-tested) payment, your adult dependant's income is assessed in the means test for your payment.

However if you wish to claim for a dependent their income will be assessed.

An adult dependant's income is assessed for social insurance payments as follows: Employment and self-employment Your spouse's, civil partner's or cohabitant's average weekly income from employment or self-employment is assessed (the gross weekly income is assessed, no deductions are allowed for tax, PRSI contributions or personal expenses).

Your spouse or civil partner must not be cohabiting with someone else.

To get the full rate of IQA your spouse or civil partner must not have weekly income above €100 excluding maintenance.

To get an IQA your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant must meet the conditions set by the Department of Social Protection - see 'Rules' below.

The person does not have to be totally dependent on you (for example, they may be working and earning or have income from other sources) but any income they have must be below a certain level - see 'Income limits' below.

If you and your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant hold capital jointly, half of the value is assessed as belonging to your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant.


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