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Superman ain't 'spose to have a bad attitude, and the reactions were swift.Super Bowl-winning commentators such as Joe Theismann and Deion Sanders and every couch potato with a remote control and access to the comments section of a website condemned Cam. And throw thunder in jail." --MUHAMMAD ALI Bronn: What will you do? --GAME OF THRONES, Season 4/Episode 7 SUPERMAN WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL, and he lost, and it was mad ugly.

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He had answers for them, too, and they were short, cryptic, to the point, defensive, non-committal. He looked like a severely bruised caged bird yearning to fly himself away from the humans with the weird gadgets pointed straight at him.

"We'll be back." "No." "Got outplayed." "Got outplayed, bro." "They just played better than us." "I don't know what you want me to say." Reporter: "Can you put into words the disappointment you feel? Did not help, either, that the poorly constructed partition between his press conference and that of the winning team, the Denver Broncos, meant he could overhear one opponent after another boast about how they harassed and shut down his game.

When Cam Newton, still merely 27-years-old, decided he indeed was going to be a professional quarterback in the National Football League, mixing and matching the brain gymnastics and physical fearlessness of a QB, and the video game darting and daring of a running back, and the WWE theatrics of a barreling, brawny tight end, with image and fashion and style and swagger and hip-hop and heroism mic dropping inside his heart, he, in a single bound, became a one-man revolution shot 'round the globe before millions of fans weekly, including nearly 112 million on that Super Bowl Sunday last February.

Cam Newton is young, he is gifted, he is Black, he is proud, he has a foundation for youth, he hosts a self-esteem boosting hit television show for children on Nickelodeon, and he is armed--with a charisma, a rock star aura, a Yoruba god's focus, and a supermodel's spectacular poses that could not be manufactured anywhere or by anyone, except in the home of his momma and daddy.

Him who had thrown for 3837 yards and 35 touchdowns, and rushed for 10 additional TDs, in his MVP season.

Him who in his first five years in the National Football League had total stats that rivaled the first half decade of surefire Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, while only missing two games--one because of injury and the other due to a car accident. So there was Cam, no smile, no teeth, no dimples, no expression, suddenly a man-child in this promised land, facing a restless and relentless jury that had been waiting for Superman to fall from the sky. "I'm done." PRESS PAUSE: On this day it was not clear how prophetic Cam Newton's words and actions would be.

Does not matter that our hero gives every single touchdown ball to a young kid in the stands.

Does not matter that our hero routinely brings a meal to a homeless person without any attention or fanfare.

He had had a marvelous season up to this point--a most valuable player season--and along the way football fans and everyday people from the Carolinas to Cali loved and revered him, or they feared and loathed him.

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