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I was just about to give up when I happened upon something a bit out of the ordinary for a gay chat line, it was a woman's voice and she sounded right hot and horny.

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Next I slipped on my bright blue raver wig and pink knee-high hooker boots, I feel so dirty in this outfit it just makes me want to get bent over and fucked so hard.

Once the outfit was picked out I slowly got ready enjoying the feel of each and every piece as I slid into it.

Candy began to choke but instead of pulling my cock from her mouth she tried to take it deeper, her saliva ran from her mouth and onto my balls.

She repeated this manuver for a while until my balls, ass and couch were quite saturated.

So I grabbed the phone called up my favorite gay chat line (cruise lines) and left a voice ad stating that I was looking for some one to come over to suck my hard throbbing clitty then bend me over and stretch my ass with their big fuckstick.

You wouldn't believe the response I got but it only seemed to be old creeper heavy breathers and that just doesn't turn me on at all.

My cock started to twitch in my panties as I watched her hand trace over my fishnets.

I took the hint and leaned in for a long hot french kiss that left me breathless and horny as fuck.

I scurried around the house making sure that everything was in order and that my house was presentable as well as myself.

I touched up my makeup, made sure my wig and outfit were in proper shape.

I picked out my bright pink and purple trimmed corset with matching garter and panties.


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