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There’ve been some spectacular hacks on social media, business sites and customer databases in the last few of years — some of the big ones include Sony Play Station, Adobe, Yahoo, Facebook, Spam Haus, Twitter, Snap Chat and Skype to name a few.

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It appears that it is an easy task to hijack a Skype account through the user’s email address and once they have access, any account that has had previous credit purchases can be used to activate the auto-payment.

It’s usually a small, inconspicuous amount at first and multiple small calls or sms are made on the account.” “I have a Microsoft Live account linked to the Skype account, so I wonder if the Microsoft breech allowed the Skype hijack.

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They’re only small amounts, which wasn’t immediately obvious.

It was the email from Pay Pal regarding the payment and the login error Skype that alerted him that he may have been hacked.

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The advancements in web and mobile app development are significant, but today’s ads haven’t kept up with the pace of innovation.

Chris set about trying to contact customer support, but didn’t have much luck on the Skype site.

He eventually got in touch and explained his account had been hacked and that unauthorised payments had been made out of his account.

The only way I could see to restore my contact list was to restore from the manual backup, where previously after migrating to a new PC or operating system this was all automatic on login.


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