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They talk about 'judging' people on apps: "There's a lot of 'judgement' around dating apps," says a girl, who learnt about them on her brother's mobile phone.

And they think I am some kind of a cheap woman, easy with my favours."The Delhi students echo the same sentiment.

Having never used one of those live, we were understandably hesitant about how it would work with our set. ” Looking through such material, we figured Daft Punk would suit our collective tastes and just might be a heck of a lot of fun too. BLM: Some things have changed a lot, some things have stayed the same.

So many great bands now, so much music being written and released.

Who knows, of the billions of strangers out there, one swipe might just lead to that chance meeting of true love. "We had in mind a matchmaking platform, a virtual best friend who would always have someone great to introduce you to, no baggage of caste, or religion, no neighbourhood busybody, no slinking around nooks and alleys in search of privacy." They had experience: Bhatia was co-founder of online travel company, Make My Trip, Dhingra of electronics e-tail venture, Letsbuy, and Kumar, as a product manager for tech companies.

The index finger automatically positions itself, to do the best thing it has ever done: swiping the screen-left, right, up, down. They had a great idea and they wanted to turn it into a business.

If love is humanity's oldest question, what makes the heart go pit-a-pat in the second decade of the 21st century is a device that can fit into your pocket, connect to the wonderful World Wide Web through a bit of disruptive technology called mobile internet, download a myriad of computer programs-apps or applications-deliver a wealth of real-time services, depending on where you are and what you want: say, hail a taxi, shop online and, yes, match you to a partner of your choice.

But they just couldn't think of a name that would describe what they had in mind.

That’s what I do—for love and money.” RR: Best – So much inspiration to write music, never a dull moment and we’re constantly bombarded with all sorts of emotions. Doesn’t matter if you’ve written nice songs, its success will depend on the number of likes, and views and that kind of stuff. Even if you don’t have gigs you can find work involving music. Taaqademy is our pitch to offer a high-quality international-standard music academy for aspiring musicians of all ages and levels – as well as to make music a respectable, viable and sustainable career for musicians.

We have two centers in Bangalore now, in Koramangala and Whitefield.

No girl takes a boyfriend to meet her parents unless she is sure that the relationship is serious. "Of course," the Delhi students chime together: Dating is when you are romantically inclined but there's no commitment. "Everybody, especially men, misunderstand the word dating," says Anusha.

"First of all, they don't understand what apps are, and they don't understand dating.

Everybody and their partner somewhere out there having fun. That hour when the mobile phone is one's best friend. The boys in the group add just one more adjective: "Pleasant."VIRTUAL BEST FRIENDSOne fine day in 2013, three friends-Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra and Rahul Kumar-sat in a cafe in Delhi, racking their brains.

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