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Cam private pics found

They can never be resurfaced by the sender, and the recipient can't view the image for more than a few seconds before it self-destructs. It just buries them deep inside a device.* A digital forensics examiner named Richard Hickman has found a way to resurface the private pictures on Androids.

The finding is similar to a flaw Buzzfeed uncovered in December.

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That's what would happen with a regular camera." "There are many ways to save snaps that you receive - the easiest way is to take a screenshot or take a photo with another camera.

Snaps are deleted from our servers after they have been viewed by the recipient." Note that while it says photos are deleted from Snapchat's servers, it doesn't say photos are deleted from the devices.

Better yet, click the lock icon before taking any photos and they will be automatically placed into your vault.

Reporter Camera does come with nice photo editing options too.

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