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For some strange reason, one You Tube user wanted to do exactly that.Joel Morris, otherwise known as JMX, dedicates his You Tube page to women, FIFA, and pranks.

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But Max assures them that he won't give up because one dead the League of Master Villains will call him.

The parents ground him and confiscate his phone for two weeks.

Hank tells them that Max has changed and he knows what he did is wrong, and that's why he hasn't come home yet because he's afraid of his father.

But thank Max comes over and calls his dad "Hank-o" and starts making fun of him.

Phoebe uses her telekinesis to suspend Max in the air.

Hank asks her to put him down but instead she starts insulting him.

Phoebe is excited because this is her first school photo at Hiddenville High.

In her former school, the pictures always had to be formal... She flashes back to her middle school pictures where she was wearing the Thundermans superhero costumes.

Max starts making fun of Phoebe, telling her that if she wants to be perfect she would have to change everything about herself.


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