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The Mods are appreciative of all who visit this cam and this chat. If you are receiving such PMs contact a mod for instructions before you delete them.However, we cannot each say hello and/or good-bye to each and every person. Moderators have volunteered their time to make chat a family friendly place to watch the Decorah eagles nest with the added bonus of learning about eagles.This is the Decorah Eagles nest, which is located just south of the city of Decorah near the trout hatchery. Mom Decorah's first egg to hatch this year will be D26.

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These RRP-designed shirts celebrate the first season of the Decorah Eagles in N2B, the nest we began for them shortly after Bob passed away.

The branches of a cottonwood arch over Mom, Dad, D24, and D25, and forested bluffs rise in the background. The Weather Forecast Thanks to A2Z Security Cameras for their help and support with our new HD cameras and to the City of Decorah Metro Net for their help bringing the Decorah N2B nest to the world!

Raptor Resource Project Links Our website: facebook: https:// Resource Project/ Our blog: Our forum: Merchandise: Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project, passed away on July 27, 2015. Decorah North Nest Followers have noticed we are now watching two nests in Decorah!

For now, the nest we watch on this page will continue to be referred to as the Decorah Eagles nest.

Allow mods to deal with chat abusers and do not engage them yourself. Learn more here: 2015 Egg/Hatch/Fledge Dates D21: Egg 2/18/15 PM – Hatch 3/27/15 PM (37 days) - Fledge 6/14/15 PM (79 days) D21: Two views of fledge Here!! D22: Egg 2/21/15 PM – Hatch 3/29/15 AM (36 Days) – Fledge 6/17/15 (80 days) D22: Video of egg laying.

Enjoy this chat about the Decorah Eagles and visit the Ustream Chat Mods boards on the RRP Forum for more interaction and eagle time! D23: Egg 2/25/15 PM – Hatch 4/2/15 AM (36 days) – Fledge 6/19/15 (78 days) D23: See the actual hatch up close. 2013 Observations With the unanticipated move to a new nest (N2) without cams we only had observations to go on.

Our mission is to preserve and strengthen raptor populations, expand participation in raptor preservation, and help foster the next generation of preservationists.

As a nonprofit environmental organization, we depend on donors, research, and our other programs for our entire budget. https:// Thanks to The Nature Conservancy for naming us their webcam of the month!

Moderators can timeout, kick, or permanently ban chat abusers and will delete inappropriate posts.

If your presence is disruptive, mods will remove you from chat. D25's death: D25 was found dead alongside a road on September 26th.

Our new nest is located north of Decorah and will be referred to as Decorah North. While Decorah North nest is lovely, this chat channel is for discussing the Decorah Eagles, not the Decorah North Eagles.

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