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The course also comprises checking and processing documents involved in financial record keeping, developing skills to carry out routine book-keeping processes, developing knowledge of book-keeping principles and preparing statements to aid financial control. At Level 2 this qualification further develops the introductory book-keeping practices and processes studied at level 1.

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It will focus on application of techniques such as those learned in our Introductory course.

You will cover water, mists, reflection, snow, ice and buildings.

As you progress you will build upon previously learnt vocabulary without too much memorising efforts, with the language and grammar being taught through ‘key language’ – language that is most used and relevant for beginners.

Please note that a taster option is available for this course.

Additions like animals, vehicles, boats and harbours will also be covered.

This course aims to stimulate learners who already have an ability to paint and who understand many of the materials used in painting.

5 How to use different mediums, eg, watercolour, pencils, chalk pastels and how to mix paint using acrylics.

This course is for beginners and those wishing to return to art after a long absence.

A look at bellydance history will put the dance into context. Block fit is the latest fitness sensation - a revolutionary all in one fitness brand that fuses dance, combat, high intensity training and Yoga inspired moves and meditation which is really exciting and fantastic fun.

It is an all over body workout with a mind, body, soul approach performed to easy to follow Blocks of choreography to original and uplifting music.

The course is first and foremost about cultivating self expression.


  1. I'd like to become competitive again as a solo athlete, but I find it hard to do both.

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  5. Răducu și Violeta au încercat și alte posibilități de joacă, ­s-au dat în carusel, călare pe niște căluți inofensivi.

  6. If that interface is too chaotic for you, tap the “quickmatch” option, which restricts the results to photos only.

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