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chatroulette is a wasteland, where lonely, desperate people, or half-drunk college students, wander around, looking under bushes for something that might be weird, shocking, or mildly entertaining.there’s boatloads of lemons, to be sure; not just obscene scenes, but also just people without their camera on.’ he’s performing for the audience, but doesn’t really get anything in return, except for a few giggles from anonymous strangers, i suppose. The challenge would be to create information that is valued by users of something like this.

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More simply, in addition to the NEXT button one might add a BARF button.

There’s still a problem that, having aquired a sufficiently negative score, a player will simply restart at zero. Check for burn holes in the seats and any ripped or daemgad seats or carpet.

facebook works because you only interact with your friends.

most relationships that develop between strangers on the internet, i would predict, are based on specific shared interests (like on a hobby blog or message board), or purely sexual (which, of course, is a shared interest also).

But if it’s your last skip that hour, you run the risk of being stuck with something you really don’t like, and you are likely to be more discriminating.

Something that’s a bit more regenerative in terms of how the skips work might make sense for Chat Roulette.

But without a way to stop users from just creating new identities, these penalties have no force.

This is a super-interesting design problem and someone who comes up with a good one is going to get rich.

That, coupled with free entry, means that everyone’s payoff is driven to zero.

In practice the big problems with Chat Roulette are These are all screening mechanisms: you earn control over whom you match with.

As started, though, the workaround is to allow screening of those with lower scores. The average mileage for an automobile is generally between ten thousand and fifteen thousand miles a year, if it is far lower than this then I might ask 1 or 2 more important questions.

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