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Just as men and women should not be alone with each other, in a similar way they should not be alone to talk to each other on phone or via Internet chat, especially if this conversation is about personal matters.

But a virtual khalwah can also happen through conversation by phone or Internet.

It is not permissible for the ordinary Muslim to read the sites of the people of bid`ah with the motive of just looking or of discussing without knowledge.

The reaction of some of the Ahl As-Sunnah (mainstream Muslims) may have the opposite effect.

Islam does not permit love letters or intimate conversations between males and females who are not married to each other.

(Because) Shaytan (Satan) verily, sows a state of conflict and disagreements among them. (Al-Israa: 53) Internet chat is very similar to writing letters or talking to someone on phone. Muslims have to observe the same rules as they observe in writing letters or making telephone calls.

The person who enters chat rooms has to realize that he is dealing with a large number of unknown persons and that the margin of trust when dealing with people who are not using their real names is very thin indeed. The ordinary person who is not a specialist has to choose sites that are sound and useful and avoid the sites of the followers of bid`ah (innovation) and bad sites. So strive not to write anything except things that you will be pleased to see on the Day of Resurrection.

Every person will die and what he writes during his lifetime will remain.

Even when you want to talk to that person, it is good to have an elder present in this chat.

Let the elders or some responsible friends do the investigation and negotiation on your behalf.

Boys and girls should not chat with each other just for socialization or passing time.


  1. After all, the idea for finding dates in a group setting is not new.

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