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Popular Western app services like Twitter or Facebook have been blocked in Mainland China for over five years.

Since the end of 2014, all Google services, including Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps or Google Play, have been cut off.

Alternative Android app stores like 360 (360手机助手), My App by Tencent (腾讯应用宝), Baidu app store (百度手机助手), the Xiaomi phone store (小米应用商店) or Wandoujia (豌豆荚) are amongst the most popular ones.

Some of these, like 360 or Baidu, are more than just an app store; they are tools to manage your phone by clearing the cache, deleting apps, saving on battery life, etc.

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The absence of these major Western app services has created a distinctive Chinese app environment, where alternative brands such as Baidu, Weibo or Weixin dominate the market. Because of the blockage of Google Play and China’s flourishing domestic app market, Chinese Android users download their apps through a variety of app stores.

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