Chitchatter adult

find enjoyment in checking their text messages and starting up loud conversations with other students waiting in the hall outside the lesson room rather than listening to their teacher.

They are not known to practice and have many tragic reasons why they didn't have the time to practice that week [see Excuse Generator.] However, they are good to keep around as they all give free computer and technology tech support. Mixed with Chitchatter students, my long distance phone bill rivals the national debt.

Frequently manifested in pupils over the age of forty, these wide-eyed and petrified casualties of violin instruction are rarely seen by audiences or people who appreciate fine music.

Aggravating Antagonizers are spite externalized, though surely they would disagree.

A few more words on Aggravating Antagonizers: adverse, clashing, conflicting, contradictory, headstrong, hostile, negative, obstinate, opposed, ornery, rebellious, stubborn and unruly.

Contact Us Awards Earned Violins, New & Used Bows Shoulder Rests All Other Items View Shopping Cart Location, Shipping & Other FAQs Violin Sizing Chart Instrument Trials Trades & Policies Customer Testimonials Calendar & Schedule Article Archives Technique FAQ In the expansive field of psychology, violin students' personality traits are understood to be the complicated mental dimensions of personality discovered through empirical research.

Empirical research meaning, in the context of this article, my vast experience and wisdom as a violin teacher for the past 16 years.

They also enjoy bragging about their cars and latest gadgets.

They do not yet understand the concept of deodorant.

Ping Pong Balls and do mellow and become more agreeable with age.

As teens they enter a pupal stage in development as a Teenage Trend Jockey.

I have concluded some of my finest technique lectures and riveting inspirational speeches only to be asked by a Ping Pong Ball, “Where did you get that cool pen? ” The Ping Pong Ball quickly switches topics to something about another child at her school who can lick her own elbows and then on to the subject of what their dog coughed up the other day.


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