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all them haters Ima' build my own Enterprise [Phenom] Welcome to the dungeon What up to the gangstas Rest in peace to Grandma Hello to the haters Goodbye to them lonely nights Shouts out to the Champagne Red Stripe Budget - Cold Men Young That's the campaign I feel it coming, it's pumpin' in every damn vein Keenen Ivory Waynes This is a damn shame This is crack music Get your kitchen-ware The beat is out of sight Lucky I'm a visionare I got issues, I cop pencils to drop mental- Bombs I'm not with you, y'all softer than Scott tissue From the city that pop pistols And shots hit you and drop missiles Y'all lyin'/lion like Scott Mitchell Pheezy Easy does it f#@!

On my brow, WOW, such a beauty is rare I know it's considered kinda rude if I stare But I can't help it I notice everything that you do Like when you're nervous, the way your finger twists in your hair I like that I know we're both living the single life But I was thinking maybe we could get together, make a compilation You laugh- I dig the fact that you get that And I don't wanna give you the impression that I'm impatient But i'm just saying I see that 36-28-36 And i'm trying to work the combination If you catch my drift, lets just shift this to the bedroom And your dress I'll lift My Aurora Borealis [Chorus A & B] [Phenom] Babygirl hold up Swag so froze up Strawberry swisher- let's have a "Fruit Roll-up" You know what You should probably just show up with no clothes, baby, No need to put your coat up So what- They be talking That's no worry They can't handle your team- they Mike Curry We do it like no other team do it And they so mad at ya game (Game), they G-Unit Deep-rooted, hate you for your sleek movement Scoop you in that silver thing, you know, teaspoon it And I would fuck with all of yall All of yall are beautiful I'm just trying to nail yall Show me to your cuticles We don't have sex, we stretch and do musicals Then I just circle 'round your waist like a hula hoop Drink you when I'm thirsty Wake you up early And give it to you raw, awwwwww Eddie Murphy Real talk ma.

And if it's only for a moment I wanna' get up in it and own it I gotta' retreat before the morning But leave my aroma in your sheets You can sleep with the scent of my cologne [Chorus A & B] [Mic Write] Pretty little constellation Broke my concentration Had me acting schitzophrenic, having conversations With myself when my eyes first met you "Should I even approach her", sweating bullets, See the condensation?

Dilla and Proof Town where the brand new mayor is a Hall-of-Fame player And the last one did a little bid If you a blue-collar worker then your pocketbook's hurting And your grind is finding a new gig De-trois [Phenom] Detroit still at it Ill-matic No Spongebob- niggas still Kilpatrick (Kill Patrick) Check out the bullets, the guns, the violence Talking all that noise, get a moment of silence Strip clubs, Coney Islands, Motown classics Massive; T-Rex flex shit- Jurassic You ain't really real if you don't show love O. Simpson- they tryna fit up in The Glove [Chorus] [Mic Write] As far as rhyming goes for you, I'll destroy your will (wheel) like potholes, in Motown Got hot flows, will go round for round with your pound for pound best Challenge Amityville?

[Blaksmith] I'm boosting dope drop, lemon drop, women that drop all This bad economy got me willing to pop off The murder rate is rising, unemployment rate is climbing But I see the silver-lining Stay chilly like hot sauce A dead city where the homes blightened In a celeb city assholes might win We some Bobby Louis Drakes And we some Cold Ice Men This is the Cobo Takeover No old white men Just rode by, another street corner With a sign that reads just another street closure Seized by an unidentified repoer So to harbor what's ours, we raise heat holders Kill or be killed, Be the stat Be the quota, Beat em back Be the soldier, Either that Or get rolled on The enemy screams we need a vac for the ebola Right before I find a cure I set off the explosives [Chorus] [Kopelli] I hail from the city of the Motown dittys Dopeboy revenues through the roof Home of the Hip-Hop gritty the soulful, the witty Where we rep for J.

[Kopelli] Though they try they're not talkin' like me I can never comprehend them because I'm too highly Evolved for their jibberish and blahsay splee We don't connect because wack I can't be (Naw) In digital code how I see I'm the one broke out of the Matrix I'm free You don't understand let me state it plainly That I'm on another level that the lame can't reach Speech is incredible light years ahead of the Stat quo etcetera Pellz is a hell of a Emcee I'm tellin' ya, see it for yourself Motown city slicker sippin' liquor top shelf See my lyrical lingo imperial delivery sicker than sixteen venereal try to make it clear to you we're not equals to holler at me you need a translator to speak it through [Chorus] You ain't on my level You can't speak my language [4x] [Phenom] How these kats out here acting like me Urinated cats out here acting like "P" (pee) You should flee if you can but my right hand fast as a Dragonball Z Or Muhummad Ali Body, flow You haters so pussy Mr.

) Can't cover me to hard too fast baby girl I aint having it (C'mon) Femenine care products dominating all the space in my cabinents (Chill) Didn't you know?

You can leave it with your better days Mañana, chow (Chorus) Beat fades.

Now Run It Back Yo) [2x] Greet us with your bombs and your bullets And pray that no one is left standing Let there be some and we will hold up our weapons and say: THESE MACHINES KILL FACISTS Eastside. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you Too bad we never developed like last summer's pictures So the Donna Karen, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis V. What I really do believe is she really is for me But it's kinda complicated so I think it's really best that we Just go our separate ways, if it was meant than it will be Yeah [Chorus] (Ughh.

It's the Motorcity Flow Committee Dope as sixty kilos Cold as sixty below Homey I'm a griot I write for the ones without a voice like I'm Neyo No Leo I ain't lying (lion) I swear I'm treading water, gotta house and they're trying to foreclose on it So I'm looking for that check with more "O"s on it Ghetto alchemy They never gave us nothing Yet still we made something And keep the bass bumping [Phenom] Ugh, uh-huh yea. I wish I could keep TABS on you Then we SHIFT into a new CTRL enviornment That's when you F1 of them old flames Playing them old games So you know your boy just had to walk away [Chorus] Maybe woulda wifed you but it's not right tonight So I'm walking away Walking away (way. .way) Really seemed you were just my type but it just ain't right So I'm walking away Walking Away (way. .way) [Blak Smith] How we fall apart something like Duran Duran She was happy when I was El Capitan Back seat, back shots She was nasty then There's a thin line between sexy and sassy man And she crossed it Turned around like a taxi cab Threw her drink on my khaki pants But I ain't mad at her It's just one of those days that a girl goes through with her Maxi Pads It didn't stop there She independent now, flashing off all the cash she has And a nigga couldn't breathe Cause she all up in my face Talking bout my dusty lips and ashy ass Walking out the house got the nerve to thrash my pad Calling for my son, where that little bastard at?

Insanity, chill Cold Men Young will murder your pride, dismember your ego A verse will leave your vanity killed M-I-C from the M-I, Semi-automatic clip When I hear a drum I spit 16 to kill it Call it homocide when I decide that I'ma ride a beat Getcha Mic Jacked emcee- Can You Feel It? Ugh I was tryna' compute the info But she said that I wasn't her type That my drive wasn't strong enough So I'm tryna' monitor what I'd say next I said man be at your CAP Tryna' have you on LOCK But you could never find the right connection Always gettin' caught up in the web and catching all type of viruses Gettin' rammed, then deleted like spam by your man like DAMN!

Mind on money, money is on my mind Like Gin & Juice Listen up: Look at what my pen produced (What's that?


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