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The loves, exes and relationships of Tom Cruise, listed by most recent.

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In 2005, Tom Cruise's name was in the headlines after announcing his relationship with Katie Holmes, who would later become his third wife.

It took me three passes before I could bring myself to open the unmarked black door on East 4th Street, the one an older man had entered after trying to cruise me near a rack of Citi Bikes.

Downstairs, a well-groomed Latino man sat behind a ticket window where signs advertised “films from unknown studios/filmmakers” and hours of 8 p.m. No words were spoken; no words are needed in a place like this.

I passed across a $20 bill and he returned my change ($8) with an origami fold and a wink so brazen it nearly deserved a tip.

“There was literally women walking around in lingerie and fur coats,” he recalled, “and kung fu stores, and exploitation movies, and deflated blow up dolls that were kind of collapsing in all the windows.” There was also a group of all-male theaters occupying converted movie palaces — places like the 1,433-seat Adonis Theatre, which the legendary porn director Jack Deveau had immortalized in (1978), starring Jack Wranger and Mandingo.

(“The ladies room’s right here,” says one character to Wranger.

With all the "cocktails" that get consumed in his world, it's amazing that neither Tom nor any of his many paramours have been caught with a celebrity sex tape.

There are plenty of famous people on the list of celebrity sex tapes, but Cruise is not among them.

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