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At a waterfront camp, Atanarjuat and Puja pass the evening singing and flirting and eventually end up in the tent having sex.Later, Atanarjuat is in an unhappy marriage with two wives, Atuat and Puja, and has a young son by Atuat.

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Freezing cold and with feet raw and bloody, he finally collapses.

He wakes up wrapped in furs with the old man and his family staring down at him.

But Panikpak secretly brings meat for Tulimaq's children, Amaqjuaq and Atanarjuat, hoping that one day they will grow strong and be able to make things right.

A few decades later, Tulimaq's sons Amaqjuaq and Atanarjuat are now young men and excellent hunters, and are disliked by camp leader Sauri and his son Oki.

One day, while Atuat is spending time alone, Oki's henchmen grab her and pin her down while Oki rapes her.

Later, Panikpak comes to Atuat to offer her comfort.

Atanarjuat tells them he is being chased, and the daughter spots a sled team approaching. Oki and his brothers arrive, and the family profess to have seen no one.

Back at Igloolik, Oki is angry because Sauri refuses to let him have Atuat.

Oki's grandmother Panikpak does not want Atuat to marry Oki.


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