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The oddest thing about this chauffer was the face and head.

There was the black derby, resting on a head that was as smooth as black porcelain, matching the color and luster of the tall boots.

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(NB: if you need a how to, type "slave help" at any time during the chat.

I am a real Mistress, experienced, demanding, sarcastic and sadistic, with a low-tolerance for bullshit.

At 10 PM on the dot the doorbell rang, and in my excitement, I didn't check through the peep hole to see who was there and just opened the door.

"Good evening, I am Alexia the operations supervisor android." Alexia was modeled after a gorgeous young Scandinavian blond, with a smile to die for. This robot wore a black leather trench coat that was about knee length.

The Chauffer wore beautiful form fitting white leather gloves, with ornate seams.

One of the gloves was grasping the key in the ignition, poised to start the car.

I am here to take advantage of your weakness, to use you and abuse you for My own entertainment !

Your duty is to serve Me, obey Me, worship Me, spoil Me !

She guided me to the passenger side of an unfamiliar black BMW and opened the door for me. As I looked over at the driver's seat I could see that I was not alone.

It was occupied by a second robot, dressed in a chauffeur's uniform.

"Having an outing in your pajamas will make you feel more pampered!


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