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Motion Bubbles (Our Rating: 5/5) An addictive webcam game where you wave your head and hands to pop falling bubbles!

You have 60 seconds to pop as many bubbles as you can in order to get the highest possible score.

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Along with some of the expected games such as clearing the screen or popping bubbles, they have some truly original mini-games such as a rocket-launching webcam game, a boat navigation game, and a two-player pong game!

Overall a nice collection of webcam games that will keep you occupied for hours.

Webcam games make use of cutting-edge face tracking and motion tracking technology to allow you to put yourself directly into a game!

By using simple motions of your head or hands, your webcam can transform itself into an amazing new input device for controlling the on-screen game action!

Hot Tip 2: A jab can be made by poking into the grey square with your hands, arms, elbows, head, or even your feet!

(Although we do not recommend the risk of falling off your chair.) --- If you experience webcam problems, look at om/--- More information about the cash-prize contest can be found at om --- JABBO is proudly brought to you by Live Murals Interactive. great game with a learning curve to get better and get more perfect combos!

Play Cam Jammer now To play these games with your webcam, make sure your image is in the centre of the screen and stands out from the rest of the background.

Ideally, you should also stand in front of a relatively static background, to prevent false motion detections by the webcam.

Download now | Visit VMSort Webcam Game home page The following webcam games can be played directly inside of your web browser if you have the Macro Media Flash player installed and a web camera connected to your computer.

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