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  2. The board of governors reviewed all of the evidence and found the attorney had committed 17 violations of disciplinary rules, dating back to the 1970s by the fondling and touching of the complainants where the contact served only to gratify his own interests to the detriment of the psychological well-being of his clients. The Kentucky Supreme Court ordered the attorney permanently disbarred from the practice of law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in this reported opinion. The attorney became romantically involved with his client in his representation of her in a divorce case. The attorney admitted a violation of old Rule SCR 3.130-1.7(b) and asked the court to issue a public reprimand and the KBA had no objection. His employee reported he made inappropriate and unwanted sexual comments to her and forced her hand into his pants and against his penis. He entered a plea agreement to a charge of third degree sexual assault, a Class B misdemeanor, with a judgment of conviction on January 24, 2001.

  3. The company donates to many related charities and provides members with the opportunity to do so as well.

  4. Often, men who have had the procedure find that sex with their partners is more spontaneous and enjoyable because they no longer have to worry about pregnancy.

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