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The chat rooms are designed especially for seniors over 50 and are a great place to make friends.

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The desktop versions also allow video chat in The Cafe, The Balcony Chat Room and the Music Room.

With the lack of cores and cam grinding equipment at the time, the challenge of creating lobe profiles in addition to manufacturing cams that improved performance was tremendous.

"In the early days, we did a lot of regrinds where we took the stock core and put a new profile on it.

Furthermore, Iskenderian was the first to use computers in cam design, served as the first president of SEMA, and introduced the concept of corporate sponsorship to professional drag racing when he teamed up with Don Garlits.

Over the decades, Isky Racing Cams has remained at the forefront of camshaft and valvetrain technology, and its innovative spirit hasn't waned one bit.

We couldn't resist the urge to talk shop with this legendary manufacturer, and as we expected, the chatter turned very technical very quickly.

During our time with Nolan Jamora, head of R&D at Isky, we discussed everything from simulating races on Spintrons to lofting lifters for power.

Ed's cams were the first to produce 1 hp per cube on gasoline in postwar Dodge Hemis, and 1.3 hp per cube in 283 Chevy V-8s.

Early Days Back in the 1950s you couldn't just go out and buy a cam core.

"Ed saw that racers could benefit from the advancement of higher technology in racing, so he created the first hard-face overlay camshafts in the industry and became the first to employ computers in camshaft design.


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