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Likewise, a lot of people find themselves being propelled (by explosions or other people) through walls, shelves, glass windows, etc. Mc Clane bounces two thugs clinging to his car off dumpsters in an alley.

He launches his car into a helicopter with predictable results; later he does battle with a fighter jet that shoots up his semi and does its best to destroy the freeway around him.

Farrell's hacker friend Warlock also lends his expertise to help take down Gabriel.

Of course Lucy has a rocky relationship with her father, going so far as to claim her mother's surname (the Mc Clanes have gotten a divorce) instead of her dad's.

Lots of people get shot and killed—or blown up—but the camera rarely lingers.

It's no surprise, however, that Mc Clane gradually becomes caked with blood and grime, some of it oozing from nasty gouges on his bare noggin.

Later, he downloads a virus onto Gabriel's computer that begins rapidly opening pop-up windows advertising Viagra, penis size and sex chat.

Gabriel's right-hand woman, the ruthless Mai Lihn, wears a cleavage-revealing outfit through the entire movie.

As the stakes escalate, Mc Clane, his daughter (Lucy) and Farrell all risk their lives for one another.

After Gabriel captures Lucy and hands her a phone to talk to her dad, for example, the quick-thinking coed tells her dad how many people are in the room.

When combatants run out of bullets or drop their guns, hand-to-hand fisticuffs result.

Suffice it to say virtually every main character gets punishingly pummeled with fists and feet—including both main female characters. Mc Clane and Farrell (along with several of Gabriel's goons) suffer big falls.

It's been 12 years since Bruce Willis last stepped into the tattered and battered but iconic shoes of New York City cop and reluctant hero John Mc Clane.


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