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Another day, another data breach -- and this time, it could mean a different kind of trouble for some of the victims.

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Login credentials for over 412 million users of adult websites run by California-based Friend Finder Networks Inc.

were compromised last month in the largest hack of 2016, according to breach notification website Leaked

A cyber criminal who used malicious computer software to spy on people through their webcams has been added to the sex offenders register for seven years and has been given a 40 week suspended sentence.

Stefan Rigo, 33 hacked the computers of unsuspecting victims and watched them having sex through their webcams.

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A Russian website has been found to be hosting hundreds of feeds of live footage from inside UK homes and businesses, which have been accessed by hacking into people’s webcams, which includes CCTV cameras and baby monitors.In September 2015, Rigo attended Leeds Magistrates Court and was found guilty of voyeurism offences.He was sentenced to a 40 week suspended sentence, seven years on the sex offenders register, 200 hours of unpaid work and the forfeiture of all his computer equipment.If Leaked Source's claims are confirmed, the number of email addresses would account for more than 10 times the number exposed in last year's high-profile hack of infidelity website Ashley Madison. Leaked Source said it was able to view passwords for 99 percent of the credentials. That attack prompted class action lawsuits and an investigation by the U. It said that some 78,301 of the accounts were registered to email addresses, which are used by the U. military, and another 5,650 were addresses used by U. Based on numbers reported by Leaked Source, here's a breakdown of the company's sites that were hacked, which affected a total of 412,214,295 accounts: Leaked Source says it believes about 15 million accounts involved in the breach had previously been deleted by users, but the information was never removed from the company's database.


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