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The immune system is what fights off diseases and infections.

The Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline began as an off-shoot of the local crisis and information hotline operated by 2-1-1 Big Bend, Inc.

Telephone counselors simply added an extra phone and incoming line to answer statewide calls, and looked up HIV/AIDS information in a slim binder that was little more than a collection of pamphlets.

Please explore our web site or e-mail a counselor if you need any additional information.

Inquires will be researched and a response will be sent within two business days.

We now have five lines in English, two additional lines for Spanish and two more for Haitian-Creole, as well as a separate line providing TTY access for the hard-of-hearing and deaf.

The Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline operates with dozens of paid and volunteer counselors and is an active member of the Ryan White Consortia, the Florida HIV Community Planning Group; the Red Ribbon Alliance; and the National AIDS Fraud Task Force.

If you need additional information, please call the Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline or send a trained counselor an email.

If you live outside of Florida, visit The Body to find an HIV/AIDS hotline in your area., meaning that this virus causes your immune system to have some serious problems.

HIV-1 is the type of HIV that is most commonly found in the United States and Canada.

Several subtypes (sometimes referred to as strains) or variants of HIV-1 have been identified, and again, only one, HIV-1 subtype B is common in the United States and Canada. HIV-2 is an uncommon virus in the United States and Canada.

At the bottom of the browser page, make sure you are using the Standard Version.• If you do not see a gray box in the lower right corner of your screen, you can call or e-mail a counselor using the phone number or link above.• Gonorrhea• Genital Herpes• Genital Warts• Syphilis• Pediculosis Pubis (pubic lice)• Scabies• Candida/Vaginal Thrush• Moluscoum Contagiosum• Hepatits A• Hepatits B• Hepatits C• Trichomoniasis (Trich)STDs, also known as sexually transmitted infections or STIs, come in a variety of types.


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