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But the fact you don’t have legal recourses in a lawful state would be a good indication that you are not being directly threatened physically, and that’s where most people consider punching a no-no.

First, this is a comically bad application for this argument.

Most of his statements, however, would easily land him in a European court, where people are understandably more touchy about the whole nazi-speech thing.

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Remember when Bush Jr used that term to attack people who opposed the war in Iraq?

Congratulations, you have just used a Dick Cheney talking point to justify the use of gratuitous violence. Appeasement was the cowardly policy of letting Hitler murder his people and invade neighbouring countries, in the hope that he would enjoy his victories and stop there.

Because when a populist authoritarian xenophobe just became President of the USA and is pushing to keep his own privately-ran militia, what could go wrong with the legitimisation of unsanctioned violence committed by private citizens?

How much do you want to bet, that this video will soon resurface, reframed as an example of the lawlessness of the land and the need for more authoritarian control?

That difference is the essence of modern democratic societies: the idea that might does not make right.

Once this is acknowledged, feel free to accept the use of extra-legal civilian violence in times of peace as an agent of social change, but do not be surprised when you find yourself in the company of the very people you claim to be fighting.A perception mostly orchestrated by nazi propaganda, but conveniently supported by a decade of street violence by post-spartakist KPD and other radical leftwing movements.It did not matter how morally justified or isolated these acts of civilian violence may have been: they were propped up as examples of the failings of democracy and, by the time the Reichstag burnt down, enough Germans were fine with a dictatorship.Congratulations on giving a piece-of-shit nazi the kind of media exposure he could only ever dream of a week ago. Most importantly: assuming it even achieved any measurably positive result, what is the end game here?Do we go around punching every nazi sympathisers until not one dares speak up in public. Good luck and remember: thumb always on the outside. is probably where that debate should start, if everyone was honest with themselves.When your grandma from Kansas sees the video of a nicely-dressed gentleman with a friendly demeanour, speaking in a reassuringly calm tone, getting suddenly knocked out by a masked assaillant, do you think she will think “that nazi scum had it coming”?


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