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“Full profit want to reach people for different reasons, but people should not be charged for having access to life saving information,” says Marcha Neethling, head of operations at Praekelt Foundation.One of the mobile technologies developed by Praekelt Foundation is a mobile community called Young Africa Live (YAL).However, the majority of m Health activities were limited in size and scope.

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In June 2011, the first African mobile health summit was held in Cape Town.

At the summit, the WHO released a report stating that eighty-three per cent of governments surveyed had at least one m Health project in their country.

It was pioneered in part by the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation through partnerships with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the social enterprise Data Dyne, who then joined with other partners in forging the m Health Alliance.

m Health activities come in the form of appointment reminders, community mobilization and health promotion, emergency toll-free telephone services, health call centres, health surveys, information initiatives and patient monitoring among others.

Experts come on to the chat rooms to discuss sexual topics and allow users to ask personal questions anonymously.

For example, well known South African sexologist Dr Eve hosts live chats once a week.

As (young) people were already using mobile technology to surf the net and download songs etc.

it seemed the perfect place to engage with this target group.

Thus mobile technology can be used, not only to generate profit from high income groups, but to provide information and create social change for low income groups.


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