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He hides a stolen necklace and smuggled grape vine in her bag to get it through customs.

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Along the way, Kate and Luc begin having feelings for each other -- which change the course of their lives. "Somewhere..." and Luc corrects her to state that it is a French song and begins to sing it in French, "La Mer".

As the closing credits roll, Kate (Meg Ryan) asks Luc (Kevin Kline) to sing "that Bobby Darin song" and then begins to actually sing it . That song was originally written by Charles Trenet and then translated into English and recorded by Bobby Darin.

French has evolved from Gallo-Romance, the spoken Latin in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul.

Its closest relatives are the other langues d'oïl—languages historically spoken in northern France and in southern Belgium, which French (Francien) has largely supplanted.

While the woman enters detox, her husband must face the truth of his enabling behavior.

Kate and Charlie have a perfect life planned out before them: buying a house, marriage, kids, the whole works.

A French-speaking person or nation may be referred to as "Francophone" in both English and French.

French is an official language in 29 countries, most of which are members of la francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries.

Pastis is a French bistro opened by Keith Mc Nally in 1999, located in Manhattan's meatpacking district.

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