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They don’t have a line item for the Associates program specifically, they have it lumped in with their “Marketing” expenses.For Quarter 1 of this year Amazon spent 7 Million on marketing.

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I am simply looking at how much money is being made by affiliates in each of these programs.

I am NOT suggesting that simply because more money is being spent on Google Adsense that this is the best monetization method for your website. The way you make money on your website depends on the niche you are in and the keywords you are targeting.

If you would like to use the Google Talk client to make voice calls or transfer files, you can download it at hope you enjoy your new email account!

This is the first “beta” release of Chrome Extension version of Dj Vu Viewer.

Google Car is a Google Developed, self-driving car.

It uses Google Street View in conjunction with an AI system which incorporates the use of GPS, RADAR, LADAR(a Light Detection and Ranging Velodyne rotating sensor with 64 pulsed lasers on the roof which scans more than 200 feet in all directions at 600rpm to generate a precise, three-dimensional map of the car's surroundings), also a Position Estimator which measurues small car movements, a weather sensor, and an inertial motion sensor.

Because Amazon is a publicly traded company (AMZN) they are required to disclose their financials.

Here is a link to their most recent quarterly financials.

As discussed in my last post, Google Adsense is a beast of a program that spends approximately Billion every year on its Adsense partners.

I have been lucky enough to dip my toe in the Google money pool and the water feels just fine!

First, you can make decent money by sending your traffic to a website that people already know and trust. If you send someone to Amazon through your affiliate link, you get a commission if the buy ANYTHING off of Amazon within 24 hours. So, how much money is Amazon actually spending on their Associates program?


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