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But that video attracted way more heat than she ever imagined.After someone uploaded it to the video site Pornhub sometime in the past month, it got hundreds of thousands of views and suddenly turned Sunderland into one of America’s hottest amateur models.

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“When I first started working for My Free Cams, I was hoping that it would open to modeling and doing magazines and shoots like that,” she said.

“I knew that eventually everyone would see everything about me and see me naked.

(She’s single now.) Each video brought in big bucks.

But one user suggested she’d get a lot more attention — and money — if she took her show to a public place.

“On My Free Cams, (users) had nothing but nice things to say.

And I made way more than I would working any other job.” She started regularly making My Free Cams shows in her Corvallis home, when her roommates weren’t around, including one where she had sex with her boyfriend at the time.One night in October, Sunderland shot the now-infamous library video, where she flashes her breasts and masturbates at a desk as oblivious classmates walk by in the background.Various versions of the video, ranging from five minutes to half an hour, are now circulating a plethora of porn sites, but Sunderland recalls the actual show lasting more than an hour.I just didn’t think that would happen so fast and have my actual name on it.” “I’m not like most other girls that are insecure with their bodies or don’t want to show off,” she said.“I’ve always been the type of girl who’s not afraid to show off, so I didn’t feel weird about it. and graduated from West Salem High School two years ago.And she says the user’s prediction about a public place was right: She earned about 0 that night.

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