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But a picture is only child pornography if it is offensive to the average person.

That’s why a picture of a naked baby in a bath generally isn’t child pornography, but a picture of a naked teenager in a bed could be in some circumstances.

While it’s possible that the entire incident was a stunt, it had fans talking throughout the rest of the game.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed by a British tourist visiting family in New York.

The maximum penalties for child pornography can be up to 15 years in jail and being placed on the sex offender register.

The maximum penalty for an act of indecency is 2 years in jail if the person in the picture is under 16.

Example Charlotte and Gary were dating for a year before they broke up.

Charlotte has a naked photo of Gary on her phone from when they were dating.When the laws were passed, nobody realised that they might also be used against young people who took pictures of themselves or other people of their own age.In some sexting cases, instead of using child pornography laws, the police might decide to: When sexting involves harassment and threats, it’s much more likely that police will press serious charges that could lead to sex offender registration.If the person is under 18 when they commit the child pornography crime, the police must get the Attorney General’s permission before they can make child pornography charges under the national law.The police do not need to get this permission before making charges under the NSW law.In NSW, the law says you can consent to both sex and sexting at age 16.

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