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Remember that "in most countries you can call and text your driver directly from the Uber app without ever having to share your personal phone number," Uber wrote.

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Let’s enjoy a moment of anticipatory nostalgia, then, for wired headphones, which have been our umbilical cord to music going back to the days of those uncomfortable metal sets with the gigantic jack in our grandparents’ basements, to our Sony Walkmen, and then to our MP3 players, i Pods and i Phones. We may be mad about Apple’s latest maneuver, but we still need to go online to preorder our jet-black i Phone 7 with more storage and a better camera!

The various models of the i Phone 7 and 7 Plus — which range in price from $649 to $949 — went on sale last Friday and will be available this Friday.

If you're sitting in the back seat of an Uber, don't try getting it on, or it could be your last ride.

Uber on Thursday announced it has updated its Community Guidelines to "explain in plain English the kind of behavior we expect from both riders and drivers," and, for the first time, outlined the actions that can get riders banned.

Please make sure your credit/debit card information such as card number, expiration date, and CVV code is correct, wait 15 minutes, and try your payment again.

If you’re still unable to make a successful payment, please contact your card issuer and ask them if they can allow your next attempt to go through.The catch there, of course, is that you now won’t be able to charge your phone and listen to your wired headphones at the same time.So you’ll probably end up going wireless, which works out just fine for Apple — which bought Beats headphones a few years back in a megadeal that hasn’t quite worked out for them yet.Please note that if your bank tells you that they’ve put the declined payment through, you would still need to wait 15 minutes and try your payment again, because they cannot approve a previously declined payment.You may also want to try a different credit card that allows international payments.As Ok Cupid says, it’s “statistical proof that i Phone users aren’t just getting fucked by Apple.”(Perhaps they meant to say AT&T? Panasonic’s Micro camera takes ultra-sexy snaps, but steer clear of Nikon’s Coolpix unless you want to be ignored by your fellow Ok Cupid users.

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