Jacking chat rooms

To avoid gift card fraud, the IC3 recommends that before you buy a gift card from a secondary market Web site, check the site reviews and only buy from or sell to reputable dealers.Check the gift card balance before and after purchasing the card to verify the correct balance.

Make sure you are running the latest version of your tablet’s operating system—in case there have been updates and patches.

If your tablet has a feature that allows it to automatically update apps, enable it so you will always have the most current versions.

If you are purchasing a gift card in a store, be sure to check the scratch-off area on the back of the card for any evidence of tampering.

Public docking stations for charging mobile devices are becoming increasingly more common, and are often found in airports, hotels and coffee shops.

If an ATM keeps your card, contact your financial institution immediately.

Buying and selling unused gift cards on auction Web sites like or e Bay has become popular in recent years.

Before you insert your card, pull on the credit card reader to be sure it can't be removed.

If you are at an ATM, cover the keypad when you enter your PIN in case there's a hidden camera around.

Another tip is to use a power-only USB cord when charging your device.

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