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Jamaica has an extreme form of macho culture where men often think about sex and very quickly come to the point.Many men have is the idea that they are living in a gangster-rap video, and that all women desperately want to have sex with them.

We saw it also happen during a lunch at a KFC restaurant, where the security man of the fast food restaurant asked a young woman who was eating her lunch, if she wanted to go home with him.

Additionally, many men in Jamaica have the image that a white women are 'easy' to get.

That image is partly due to the army of white middle-aged women who travel annually to Jamaica for a sex holiday.

Female travellers should not be surprised that during their stay in this country, they will occasionally get an offer for "Jamaican steel".

Most travellers planning to visit Jamaica as a holiday destination, must sooner or later ask themselves the question if the country is safe enough to visit.

If you are visiting the country through an organized tour, or if you just stay in and around an all-inclusive resort, then the answer is easy. If you want to explore the island individually, then the answer is a bit more complicated.Because, if you give them the feeling that there is something to earn, they will generally not rest until they have something.Sometimes, the sales tactics can take an aggressive turn where they ultimately hope that they will receive a lump sum payment to leave you alone.If you ask Jamaicans where this all comes from, they often point to the past.Jamaica was once the pirate nest of the Caribbean, and that past still haunts them.Jamaicans still love to do it their own way, have difficulties with accepting authority, love to do ‘business’, and do not interfere with the 'business' of others. The good news for travellers is that is probably not going to bother you if you don’t stick your nose in anybody’s business.

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