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But it had also got to the point where I couldn't walk down Ponsonby Rd without bumping into someone I knew.So I guess you could say I was ready to conquer big city life.

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The 25-year-old, who grew up in Hawkes Bay, has a degree in broadcast journalism and worked as a producer for TVNZ's Breakfast for almost two years and later for Newstalk ZB for just over a year.

Despite her work experience at some of the country's best-known media outlets, and being enthusiastic and young, she failed to secure a job until last month. And I can charm the pants off the 60-something-year-old Italian who makes me my daily coffee.

I rang 11 that specialised in my industry, followed up with my CV, and asked if I could come in and meet them.

I got a reply from two, saying they "didn't have anything at the moment - but we will be in touch".

A young Kiwi professional who moved to Britain to find work is warning others looking to do the same that scoring a job in London is no longer easy.

Alex Hazlehurst left New Zealand in February, hoping to secure work in the area she had studied here for three years - broadcasting.

Below she explains why London is no longer a happy hunting ground for Kiwi jobseekers on their OE: It was starting to feel like this city hated me. Read more: Advice for Kiwis struggling to find a job in London: 'Get work experience' I'm also one of 30,000 Kiwis who have left Middle Earth for a city twice the population of our country. A city that will chew you up and spit you out without so much as a farewell pint.

I was angry, broke, drinking a lot, and lacking any of the confidence I arrived with four months ago. So I may be many things, but in London, I'm irrelevant.

I decided temporary work was the only way forward at this point.

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