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Once graduating from university, I knew the chances of me moving into my own place anytime soon were pretty slim to none, but I’ve still always had the notion of moving out by the time I’m 30 in the back of my mind. (Picture: Getty/uk" width="1024" height="585" /Even when I was working full time, I found it near impossible to save.

I’m single, I work part-time (in a job no way related to my degree) and a lot of my friends are concentrating on their career right now so although I go out as much as I can, most of my time is spent at home skint. w=1024" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-6198539" src=" Most of my money went on rent (although cheap at home, I still have to contribute, which I think is fair), car stuff and my phone bill. w=1024" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-6468710" src="

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If you want to see it, though I can't for the life of me figure out why, go to your local Goodwill and get it on video.

If you can't quell the urge, but don't even own a VHS player, just watch About Last Night instead.

Jim didn't want John to do it, as he didn't want to be compared to him any more than he always was every time he tried to do anything.

Finally, Julie Brown (not Downtown Julie Brown, if you even care) and Elizabeth Perkins, as the friends were both adequate, but Elizabeth Perkins, as Joan, again with better material in a better over-all film, was a stronger performance.

This movie makes me laugh out loud - over and over. For an enjoyable evening, you can't go wrong with this movie. It pokes fun at all of those little quirking things that we've all had to deal with in our past relationships.

I've seen this one again and again and would recommend it to anyone.The Bottom Line is that TOSAHTLWT was not that good, but it would be too easy to trash it. It had pretty low ambitions, and viewed in that light, was perhaps successful.It was not very funny, but it did at least attempt to deal with the issue of how do you make a relationship work between guys who want to party all night long, and girls who do, too.Then they both start to miss each other, so they get married and live happily ever after, with a few detours along the way.I don't think this movie ever even came out on DVD, and lets keep it that way.The preborn child is the most vulnerable member of the human family, yet the least protected.

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