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They accept no substitutes and nothing but complete and utter obedience will suffice. As soon as I tried to talk my way out of it and in to doing something else she increased the punishment and made the tasks she set me that bit more difficult.I know, because I was once a “pretend” sub but now have been molded and broken in to a “proper” submissive with respect for my betters at all times. NOW.” I looked at her face and she was NOT impressed. My other Mistress never spoke like that in such a sharp tone. It ranged from These are just a few of the humiliating things she has made me do as her way of training me to behave and to accept my role in life.

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I wouldn’t want her teaching my fucking kids I can tell you that for nothing, she is FUCKING EVIL.

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I was mesmerised by her cleavage and couldn’t take my eyes off it. They need the strict control and dominance of a superior, mean bitch on webcam to keep them in check.

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She is also a financial dominatrix who loves to milk paypigs There are different types of submissive males.

Some are genuinely submissive and will automatically follow orders and do exactly as they are told. They are slightly submissive but not enough to be called proper slaves.

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