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Principal human rights problems included the lack of consistent independent nongovernmental inspections of prisons and detention centers.Some restrictions on privacy and freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion remained, yet they were not universally applied.

Arrest Procedures and Treatment While in Detention The law does not require police to obtain a warrant before making an arrest but provides that police must either release the person or refer the matter to the public prosecutor.

Within 24 hours of referral, the public prosecutor must formally arrest or release the person.

Women faced societal discrimination, and instances of domestic violence were reported.

There were also isolated reports that some employers placed expatriate laborers in situations indicative of forced labor or abuse.

The security forces performed their duties effectively.

Civilian authorities maintained effective control over the Internal Security Service, the Sultan's Special Force, the Royal Army of Oman, and the ROP.The 32-member cabinet of ministers advises the sultan on government decisions. Citizens did not have the right to change their government; however, operating under the 1996 Basic Law, the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens.The law and judiciary, including the establishment of a quasi-independent human rights commission, provided means of addressing individual instances of abuse.Authorities allowed prisoners and detainees to submit complaints to judicial authorities without censorship and to request investigation of credible allegations of inhumane conditions.The government investigated and monitored prison and detention center conditions, and authorities in some cases investigated such claims, but the results of investigations were not documented in a publicly accessible manner.In response to 102 submitted complaints, the quasi-independent national human rights commission met with prison officials in December.


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